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Pet Shelter Floods - Emergency Funds Needed

Dear friends

This is of great concern.

Last week the rain flooded our shelter. Our homeless dogs had to be moved to our small hospital cages; we had no other space for them. It’s only the start of winter and the pets are already struggling.

Please will you give an urgent gift so that we can build better shelter for our animals.

Just last week we found a 10-year-old dog wondering the streets in the rain. His feet were worn down and his joints painful from arthritis. He had no hair on his back and was covered in fleas. We looked for his owners but couldn’t find them. We named him OG. OG received warm food, a soft bed and medication for his pain. But when the shelter flooded he sat in a puddle, not knowing what to do with himself.

This is not our only problem. Our hospital is full to the brim. Puppies are arriving at our door in hypothermic states. Pets are knocked over by cars driving badly in rainy weather.

Upgrading our shelter will cost just under R100 000. We did not expect we’d need to do this. Winter comes with increased expenses too. Our electricity goes up by 50% to keep our patients and facility warm. We also just spent R10 000 on fixing a leak in our operating theatre’s roof. Your donation will be a lifeline.

Please make a gift today to help a pet like OG stay warm this winter until we can find him a forever home.

With gratitude (and wags)

Marcelle du Plessis Fundraising and Communications Manager

P.S. OG is safe and warm at the home of one of our staff. He has picked up weight, the hair on his back has grown and he enjoys wearing his cozy jacket.

OG Skyler after the rain Cold dog at Mdzananda


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